Remedy Gets Rights To “Alan Wake” Back

Absent Alan Wake Game Returns To Steam

Remedy Entertainment has won back the publishing rights to the “Alan Wake” game franchise from Microsoft. A small and independently-owned studio, Remedy created and released the first game in 2010 as an Xbox 360 exclusive with a follow-up release in 2012 on Microsoft Windows.

The Lovecraftian-inspired mystery thriller followed the adventures of a best-selling thriller author trying to solve the mystery of his wife’s disappearance. In the process, he discovers that the plot from his latest book has started to come to supernatural life.

The title was acclaimed by critics and earned a cult audience quickly thanks to its unique storytelling approach with chapters and cliffhangers akin to a novel, while gameplay revolved around flashlights, flare guns and other light-based weapons.

Remedy has long said it would love to make a sequel, and one was in development but was eventually scrapped. Remedy sadly never get a chance to port the first game to other consoles because Microsoft owned the publishing rights to the title.

Now, a press release on Globe News Wire confirms that Remedy now owns the publishing rights meaning they could not only bring it to PlayStation and the like, they can also finally create a sequel for all platforms. Eurogamer reports that Remedy has already started teasing a release of the first game on other platforms.

Remedy is currently focused solely on “Control” which releases in August.