Remake Of “The Craft” Being Considered?

Nearly two decades since its release, there are faint early murmurings that the 1996 teen supernatural thriller “The Craft” could be getting a remake.

Dread Central (via Empire) reports that a major market research company recently got in contact with one of their sources and asked them about their interest in a remake of the property. Specifically they were asked how likely would the be to “see a reboot of The Craft in a theatre if it was released” along with several questions about how familiar they were with the film and how it compares to similar films.

Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True starred in the original about a quartet of teenage girl outsiders who dabbled with black magic and end up suffering the consequences. It ended up being a cult hit and pretty much inspired The WB network to cash in on the craze with the TV series “Charmed”.

The original story doesn’t offer any substantial indication that a remake is in the works. Yet with studios now plundering the 1990s for material to reuse, and studios having seen the success of supernatural-themed films aimed at young women, it doesn’t seem a big surprise that this might be a possibility.