Release Date Changes: May 15th 2010

Unknown White Male
The Liam Neeson-led thriller has set a January 7th 2011 release.

The Rite
The Anthony Hopkins-led exorcism drama has announced a January 28th 2011 release.

Hall Pass
The Farrelly Bros. comedy starring Owen Wilson has announced a February 25th 2011 release.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules
Despite not being a major hit, Fox is moving forward with a sequel which will open March 25th 2011.

The Girl with the Red Riding Hood
Catherine Hardwicke’s take on the Grimm fairy tale starring Amanda Seyfried has announced an April 22nd 2011 release.

Winnie the Pooh
The literary classic gets a new animated feature opening on July 15th 2011.

The Sitter
The Jonah Hill comedy has scheduled a July 15th 2011 date.

Horrible Bosses
The comedy about three employees plotting to kill their three bosses has scheduled a July 29th 2011 date.

Late Bloomer
The comedy about a man in his late 20’s who undergoes his puberty over the course of three weeks has set an August 12th 2011 release date.

Final Destination 5
The fifth installment in the horror franchise has set an August 26th 2011 date despite no-one really being attached to the project as yet.

The Apparition
Todd Lincoln’s suspense thriller starring Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan is scheduled to open September 9th 2011.

Journey to the Center of the Earth 2
The 3D unnecessary sequel to the Brendan Fraser fantasy adventure has announced a September 23rd 2011 release.

Contagion 3D
The Steven Soderbergh-directed, all-star ensemble thriller about a worldwide pandemic has announced a release date of October 21st 2011.

New Year’s Eve
The follow-up to “Valentine’s Day” will be bowing slightly earlier than its titular date – December 9th 2011.

We Bought a Zoo
The novel adaptation that Cameron Crowe has been linked to as a potential director will open December 23rd 2011.