Release Date Changes: August 5th 2008

‘Zephyr’ is back with a few updates:

RockNRolla: The Guy Ritchie crime caper was scheduled for wide release on October 3rd, then October 31st. As recently as last week, it was planning an expansion schedule, opening in limited markets on the 3rd and wide on the 31st. Now it has moved up five days to October 8th for an apparent wide release.

Taken: The kidnapping action-thriller starring Liam Neelson has been delayed from September 19th 2008 to January 23rd 2009 despite opening in many international territories this month.

The Tooth Fairy: The 20th Century Fox family-fantasy starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been scheduled to come out June 19th 2009, a week after Eddie Murphy’s fantasy-comedy “Nowhereland”.

The Accidental Husband : The oft-delayed rom-com starring Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, and Richard Dean Morgan has been pushed back yet again, this time from September 5th 2008 to March 27th 2009.

Assassination of a High School President: Originally scheduled for an August release, the Yari Film Group dark comedy with Mischa Barton will come out in limited release on March 27th 2009.

The Lonely Maiden: The heist comedy starring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, and William H. Macy will come out May 29th 2009 in limited release.

Nothing but the Truth: The YFG thriller starring Kate Beckinsale and Matt Dillon will come out December 19th 2008 in limited release, then expand wide on January 9th 2009.

Possession: It’s like I can’t do an update with reporting a delay for this film. The gratuitously-delayed Sarah Michelle Garner-led thriller has been delayed two weeks from January 9th 2009 to January 23rd.

Untitled Nancy Myers Comedy: Nancy Myers’ (The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give) next film will come out Christmas Day 2009 against Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.