Release Date Changes: August 14th 2008

The delay of the next “Harry Potter” by eight months comes as only a mild surprise. With the “Terminator” sequel in May and an August-release for the family comedy “Shorts”, Warner Bros. had a big gaping hole in its schedule for next Summer and so moved Potter in there to fill the same weekend it had such major success with “The Dark Knight” this year. Now though comes the fallout with ‘Potter’ gone from November 21st, it leaves one of the most profitable weekends in filmgoing vacant.

Disney has quickly filled that gap by moving up its CG-animated dog comedy “Bolt” five days to a November 21st release says Coming Soon.

Will Smith drama “Seven Pounds” has been delayed a week to December 19th

Zac Efron-led reverse-“Big” comedy “17 Again” has been delayed two months and will now open April 17th.

Rom-Com “I Love You Beth Cooper” will now open March 27th 2009.