Release Changes: September 23rd 2008

‘Zephyr’ here with a few changes from the House of Mickey, as well as news on an equally important icon from Japan:

The Hannah Montana Movie: The first live-action feature film starring pop-giant Miley Cyrus has moved up three weeks from May 1st 2009 to April 10th, as Disney hopes to take advantage of the Easter Weekend.

Old Dogs: Subsequently, Disney has moved their retirement comedy starring John Travolta, Robin Williams, Kelly Preston, Matt Dillon, and the late Bernie Mac from April 10th 2009 to November 25th, becoming the first scheduled film for Thanksgiving Weekend 2009.

The Proposal: The Disney rom-com starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock has moved up one week from June 19th 2009 to June 12th, which now already has five wide releases scheduled.

Nothing Like The Holidays: The Overture Films holiday ensemble-drama has moved back three weeks from November 21st to December 12th to act as counter-programming to 20th Century Fox’s The Day The Earth Stood Still.

The Surrogates: The Jonathan Mostow-directed sci-fi thriller starring Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell has moved up from November 20th 2009 to September 25th. The move leaves the third weekend of November lacking a major tentpole release; a date that should be filled quickly.

Astro Boy: Summit Entertainment will release the Imagi Studios-produced adaptation of the legendary series on October 23rd 2009, which gives it some breathing room from the re-release of Toy Story, as well as two weeks to itself before Disney’s A Christmas Carol.