Release Changes: November 16th 2012

A bunch of film release date schedule updates and additions have been made over the past week or so. These include the Nicholas Sparks romantic drama “Safe Haven,” Terrence Malick’s latest “To the Wonder,” the James Franco-led “Spring Breakers,” various CG animated projects, and even a “Last Exorcism” sequel. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Date Shifts
“Safe Haven” – Now February 14th 2013 (was Feb 8th 2013)
“The To-Do List” – Now August 16th 2013 (was Feb 14th 2013)
“One Direction Concert Movie” – Now August 30th 2013 (was Nov 8th 2013)
“All You Need Is Kill” – Now March 7th 2014 (was Mar 14th 2014)
“B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations” – Now September 25th 2015 (was Nov 6th 2015)

New Dates
“The Last Exorcism II: The Beginning of the End” – March 1st 2013
“Spring Breakers” – Spring 2013
“To the Wonder” – April 2013
“Turkeys” – November 14th 2014
“Popeye 3D” – September 26th 2014
“Hotel Transylvania 2” – September 25th 2015