Release Changes: May 7th 2009

‘Zephyr’ is back with some major updates from Warner Bros. and Summit Entertainment:

Green Lantern
The DC Comics adaptation has moved from December 17th 2010 to a summer release on June 17th 2011. This is an interesting move considering that it was relatively unopposed in December and Summer 2011 is incredibly crowded with three Marvel movies and Transformers 3 just two weeks later. However, it may be a good sign because since production won’t start til Spring 2010, they’ll have a year and a half to make a quality blockbuster.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane & Fireflies in the Garden
Senator Distribution has pulled both the indie horror flick and the ensemble drama from an already much-delayed mid-Summer release, no new dates have been set.

The Road
The long-awaited adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel starring Viggo Mortensen has finally been set for an October 16th release.

Edge of Darkness
The Martin Campbell-directed TV adaptation starring Mel Gibson in his first lead in years will come out January 29th 2010, likely trying to follow Taken’s strategy.

Remember Me
A romantic drama starring Robert Pattinson will come February 12th 2010.

A Couple of Dicks
The Kevin Smith-directed comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan has moved from January 29th 2010 to February 26th.

Furry Vengeance
A critter comedy starring Brendan Fraser will come out Easter Weekend on April 2nd 2010.

Letters to Juliet
A Gary Winick-directed romance starring Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried will come out May 14th 2010.

Guardians of Ga’Hoole
The Zach Snyder-directed Digital 3D feature will come out September 24th 2010.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
Even though one of the leads is currently a Liason for President Obama, Warner Bros. has scheduled the Christmas-themed sequel for November 5th 2010 against Dreamworks Animation’ Master Mind.

Sucker Punch
The fantasy thriller from Zach Snyder has been moved from October 8th 2010, just three weeks after Guardians of Ga’Hoole, to March 25th 2011.

Happy Feet 2 in 3D
The sequel to the Oscar-winning penguin musical will come out November 18th 2011. This likely means that Pixar’s “The Bear and the Bow” will have to settle for a mid-December release and directly compete against another big fantasy flick: “The Hobbit”