Release Changes: December 12th 2007

‘Zephyr’ is back with some recent release schedule changes, some more surprising than the others:

Spring Breakdown, a Warner Bros. comedy starring Parker Posey and Amy Poehler, has been delayed from March 14th 2008 to an undisclosed date.

As previously reported, the anti-hero thriller Wanted has moved from the crowded March 28th date to June 27th 2008 to face Valkyrie and Wall-E.

Strangely, Universal now has their three main tentpoles, which all happen to be comic book movies, with two weeks of the other: The Incredible Hulk comes out two weeks on June 13th before Wanted and Hellboy II: The Golden Army will come out two weeks later on July 11th.

So between June 13th and July 18th, there will now be five superhero blockbusters, since Hancock and The Dark Knight will come out during that period too.

Fanboys, the Weinstein comedy about a group of Star Wars fans who try to complete a dying wish by seeing the premiere of Star Wars: Episode I at Skywalker Ranch, has been delayed indefinitely from January 18th 2008.

Motel Hell, the MGM remake of the horror parody, will come out on Halloween Day: October 31st 2008, a date which had surprisingly been vacate.

Fame, the MGM/Andy Fickman-directed adaptation of the 1980s musical, has been delayed from August 15th 2008 to Christmas Day 2008. This is partly due to the date opening up because of the strike-related delay of Rob Marshall’s adaptation of Nine, which was scheduled for December 26th 2008 at one point.

The Ruins, the botanical thriller from Dreamworks, has moved up a week from April 11th 2008 to the very crowded April 4th.

Funny Games, the Warner Independent horror-thriller starring Naomi Watts and Tim Roth, has been pushed from February 15th 2008 to March 14th, leaving The Spiderwick Chronicles as the only film coming out on the 15th, as the other wide-releases will come out a day before on the 14th.

Saw V, the next iteration of the horror franchise, will come out October 24th 2008. It is likely that Lionsgate wants the film to have an extra edge on Halloween, as the holiday will fall on a Friday next year.

Clive Baker Presents: Hellraiser, the Weinstein-led reinvention of the horror classic, will come out September 5th 2008.

The Bank Job, a Lionsgate heist thriller starring Jason Statham, will come out March 7th 2008.

My Best Friend’s Girl, a Lionsgate romantic comedy starring Dane Cook and Kate Hudson, will come out September 19th 2008, nearly a year after another Dane Cook comedy: Good Luck Chuck.

Soul Men, a Weinstein comedy starring (arguably the two most black men in Hollywood) Sameul L. Jackson and Bernie Mac as two soul brothers, will come out October 10th 2008.

My Mom’s New Boyfriend, formerly called Homeland Security, a romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan, Colin Hanks, Antonio Banderas, and Selma Blair, will come out February 22nd 2008.