Reitman Talks Passing On “Ghostbusters 3”

Ivan Reitman has spoken about his reasons for stepping away from the director’s chair of the long in-development “Ghostbusters 3” at Sony Pictures.

Talking with SpinOff Online, Reitman says: “A number of things pushed against [directing the movie]. One, I wasn’t getting any younger. I’d already done two of them, and I only had so many movies left.”

Another was Bill Murray’s reluctance to be involved: “I spoke to him three years ago when there was no script, and he just didn’t want to talk about it. I don’t think he ever read drafts as much as he’s advertised that he has; I think he was embarrassed to say otherwise.”

What brought it home though was the loss of Harold Ramis: “[His death] really focused all of those things, suddenly. I just decided a few weeks ago, two days after I came back from Chicago for his funeral, that yeah, it’s time. I suddenly felt excited about producing a movie with other people directing Ghostbusters, and seeing the opportunity for new ideas and kind of a fresh take for some of the things we built into this draft.”

So who will replace him and will the existing scripts be reworked for a new director? “We’re just starting that process. We’ll see how it goes.”