Reitman: More “Ghostbusters” Are Planned

Filmmaker Paul Feig seems uncertain if he’ll proceed with a sequel to this year’s “Ghostbusters” reboot. After all the backlash and debate, the film opened to decent critical reviews and box-office, but not enough to justify another costly follow-up.

Sony Pictures itself, in desperate need of franchises right now, hasn’t made any announcements either about a sequel or their proposed animated movie that would feature completely different characters.

Producer Ivan Reitman though, who directed the 1984 original, says as far as he’s concerned there’s several “Ghostbusters” films still in the works, telling “There’s going to be many other Ghostbusters movies, they’re just in development right now.”

Of course some films never escape development so it’s a wait and see game for now. “Ghostbusters” this year made $229 million worldwide.