Reitman Dismisses Juno Sequel Talk

Easily the sleeper hit of the season, acclaimed teen pregnancy comedy “Juno” has scored a whopping $118 million in domestic box-office so far.

Most of that has been through word-of-mouth as the film’s wide release opening ten weeks ago was just $6.8 million, but the buzz has pushed it into one of the must-see films of the season and turned phrases like “honest to blog” into an annoying catch-phrase.

Of course when you’re talking that kind of cash, inevitable sequel talk has not surprisingly sprung up. The film’s director Jason Reitman however isn’t so hooked on the idea – “I can’t see it. She got pregnant once; I just can’t see her getting pregnant again” he tells The New York Post.

The film has made both its star Ellen Page and writer Diablo Cody very much in-demand so any immediate sequel would be expensive and difficult to schedule.