Regal Unveils Unlimited Ticket Service Next Month

Regal Unveils Unlimited Ticket Service Next Month

Regal Cinemas have finally unveiled their monthly movie ticket subscription plan to go up against the likes of AMC and Cinemark with their own successful programs.

Those willing to pay between $18 to $23.50 per month, and make a one-year commitment, can view as many movies as they want on a standard format screen along with 10% discount on concessions and free birthday popcorn.

The bigger the city (ala Los Angeles and New York), the more expensive it will be. Those paying $18 will have access to 200 of Regal’s 564-plus locations with those 200 in smaller markets. Those who pay $21 have access to 400 cinemas, and those paying $23.50 can go to any Regal theater including L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles and the Union Square multiplex in Manhattan.

Any customer of the plan can also pay a surcharge to see a movie in a premium format or in 3D, but members can’t see two movies that overlap.

AMC Theatres’ subscription program remains the most popular amongst moviegoers with more than 800,000 members since launching last year. It allows moviegoers to see three films a week for $20 to $24 a month.

Source: THR