Regal Planning Film Ticket Subscription Plan

Regal Planning Film Ticket Subscription Plan

Regal Cinemas is reportedly preparing to launch a new unlimited movie ticket subscription service at the end of July in the United States.

Details are still being worked out between the major studios and Regal’s parent company, Cineworld, but the program is tipped to offer three tiers of pricing between $18-24 per month, each granting access to unlimited tickets. There’s also 10% cash reductions on concessions for each tier.

One thing that will differ between tiers? Theater location availability. Those in the top-priced tier can access any Regal Cinema, those in the lowest can only use their pass in about half the cinema’s chains – if they end up using one they’re not covered for, they’ll be subject to a surcharge.

It’s not clear at present if 3D, IMAX, Dbox or other premium format screens will be included like they are with AMC’s program. The target audience is said to be those who go in excess of two times a month.

Source: Deadline