Refn’s “Neon Demon” To Shoot At 60FPS?

Several years ago Peter Jackson attempted to test public reaction to higher frame rates with special screenings of the first “The Hobbit” film. Running at a higher 48 frames-per-second as compared to the usual 24, the effect solved some of the problems of 3D but resulted in a VERY mixed reaction from audiences.

Outside of Jackson’s trilogy though, not many other filmmakers have dared to try it. James Cameron intends to use 48FPS for the “Avatar” sequels, whilst Ang Lee is currently filming his drama “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” which will run at a whopping 120FPS.

Now, “Drive” and “Only God Forgives” filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is having a go with word that his new film “The Neon Demon” will be at least partly shot at 60FPS. The news comes from a photo that landed on Instagram this week (via Final Reel):

Natasha Braier (“The Rover”) serves as cinematographer on the horror film which has already wrapped filming and is set in the world of L.A. modeling. Elle Fanning and Jena Malone star in the film which will score a release sometime in 2016.

Jena Malone has some love to share from set.

Posted by The Neon Demon on Friday, May 15, 2015