Refn To Produce Giallo Remake “Solange”

“Drive” director Nicolas Winding Refn has added a third remake of a classic horror film to his upcoming filmmaking plans and, like those films, he’s set to only produce rather than direct for his Space Rocket banner.

This third one, which follows on from the long announced “Maniac Cop” remake and the recently announced “Witchfinder General” remake, will be a new version of Massimo Dallamano’s 1972 giallo film “What Have You Done To Solange?”.

Loosely based on the Edgar Wallace mystery novel, the story is set at an all-girls school where a killer is on the loose. A gym teacher, who has been sleeping with one of his students, becomes a suspect and sets out to find the real killer.

Fulvio Lucisano, who produced the original and has released all of Refn’s films in Italy, will produce. Refn presented a restoration of Lucisano’s “Planet Of The Vampires” at Cannes last week. Refn says it was the day after that screening that they decided to officially move forward.

Refn says the three films he’s picked: “have a strong potential to be reinvented and also something that is artistically out there.”

Source: Deadline