Refn Talks Bond, Wonder Woman & Barbarella

“Drive” and “Only God Forgives” director Nicolas Winding Refn continues doing promotional rounds for his L.A.-set horror tale “The Neon Demon” this week and as part of a new interview with the Happy Sad Podcast, he revealed one bit of sad news.

It seems his proposed TV series remake of “Barbarella” is no longer in the works and mostly because it seems he’s moved on from the idea of remaking things and instead will pursue his own material:

“Well, I don’t own ‘Barbarella,’ the estate does, but I decided to be more interested in the ‘Neon Demon’. Plus there are other television things that caught my attention [because] I actually enjoy designing it from the beginning. It became…’Barbarella,’ it was like ‘Logan’s Run’: certain things are better left untouched. You don’t need to remake everything… I’m much more interested in the creative high and no money can outweigh [the lack of] creative control. It just does not match.”

He then went on to talk about studios meetings in the past he had about working with established IPs and revealed he once met the core team behind the Bond franchise, and did have an early conversation about a “Wonder Woman” film but wouldn’t do it unless Christina Hendricks starred. The conversation reportedly never went further.