Reflections On A Joblo Movie Show

I’m not good or comfortable with the concept of self-promotion, and definitely not a fan of the advertorial – mixing up stories with advertising plugs. In this field it’s a downside not to have those skills but ah f**k it, I think ads and content should remain as separate as possible. In many ways the entertainment news field has become far less exciting because of a shift in the last few years to a far more PR-driven model.

On occasion however I do like to give a shout out to others in this field, especially the old timers like me, when they’ve got something really worth considering. One of the best of the old timers are the guys at As the field of online entertainment reporting becomes less geek-centric, more commercialized, more competitive and bitchier – the few strong friendships forged from the early days have stayed firm.

AICN, Coming Attractions, Dark Horizons, CHUD, Coming Soon and Joblo all started this journey over a decade ago. Others have joined us on the way from corporate-backed columnists to self-powered small businesses – yes there’s the odd prick or schill, but it’s a field surprisingly full of just great people and its own little club of several hundred that thankfully in my time this ‘vulgar Australian’ has been able to meet many of.

Standing proudly among that group of greats is the JoBlo team. The strapping young Omar Aviles and gorgeous ladies like Jenna Busch and Jenny Karakaya are just a lovely trio, the humble Mike Sampson who has to be one of the hardest working men in online news, and high-living playboy Dave Davis who is like Kurt Russell circa mid-80’s albeit without the mullet.

It’s the two main men though, Joblo himself and John ‘Arrow’ Fallon, who’re like true brothers to me – bonds forged over late night e-mails, scotch-fueled set visits, quiet conversations, and personal emotional confessions. Bonds a decade strong and which run deep despite being on the complete opposite sides of the Earth (ie. Sydney/Montreal) for much of the time.

Eight months ago Joblo came up with the idea of a ‘movie show’ for his site. At the time I wondered how on earth he’d pull it together, but twenty episodes on he’s proven it can be done – what a guy. His James Bond tribute episode in particular is my favourite so far, however this week they launched a ‘Best Of’ show that I keenly urge you to check out.

The show is available on or on iTunes.