Reeves’ “The Batman” Now A Standalone

With the announcement this week that Warner Bros. and DC Films are moving forward with a “The Joker” origin film separate from the DCEU films, it looks as if Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” may be following suit.

In an interview from last month on KCRW that’s suddenly been making the rounds again (via The Wrap in which Reeves says his film won’t be a part of the DCEU canon either:

“Well, I have a vision for a way to do something with that character that feels like it resonates with me personally, and a perspective that can grow out into other things. When they [Warner Bros.] approached me, what they said was ‘Look, it’s a standalone, it’s not part of the extended universe’.”

This seems to be why Reeves’ hesitated to join and then eventually jumped onboard the film after ditching Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns’ script and writing from scratch with a potential new Batman trilogy in mind.

With this approach, he’s creatively unencumbered, but it also lends credence to the rumors that Affleck will hang up the cowl after “Justice League”.