Reeves Follows “Apes 3” With “Invisible Woman”

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” director Matt Reeves has revealed that he plans to tackle his dream project, an adaptation of the original science fiction story “The Invisible Woman,” after the next ‘Apes’ film.

Reeves, who is attached to both direct and co-write the next ‘Apes’ movie due for release in the Summer of 2016, tells Coming Soon: “That [Invisible Woman] is still a movie I desperately want to make… If I don’t make it right before this one, I’ll make it right after the next ape film.”

Reeves originally planned to shoot “The Invisible Woman” as his second film following “Cloverfield” and Naomi Watts was attached to headline it. Watts ultimately dropped out due to a scheduling conflict, and Reeves moved on to other films – namely “Let Me In”.

Later in the interview, Reeves indicated that the movie would likely go after the third ‘Apes’ due to the shorter turnaround time of that film: “I doubt if I would make it right before [the next ‘Apes’] because this one is going to be such an enormous undertaking to get going. I’m supposed to write it [the next ‘Apes’] as well with Mark Bomback.”

Reeves previously described “The Invisible Woman” as a Hitchcock-style intimate character story, one that explores one woman’s desperation and extreme behavior. Ultimately you’ll come to realise what she is doing is perfectly rational given the circumstances.