Reeves, Fishburne Reunite On “John Wick 2”

“The Matrix” stars Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne look to be reuniting on screen with Fishburne spotted filming scenes for the currently shooting sequel to last year’s throwback action cult hit “John Wick”.

Gothamist reports that Reeves and Fishburne have been filming on a random rooftop in New York City for a scene which seems to suggest Fishburne has a large pigeon collection and that Wick has suffered some injuries. Photos from the shoot can be seen at the link.

Could he be playing another mentor for Reeves’ Wick – essentially taking on the role Willem Dafoe’s Marcus served in the first? Or is he mentor to the new adversary of this film played by Common? Either way the scene is also a throwback to ‘Matrix’ in another way – “John Wick 2” director Chad Stahelski was Reeves’ stunt double on “The Matrix”.

Filming is proceeding apace as Reeves has posted a photo of himself on set between takes.