Reese Witherspoon Becomes “The Beard”

Reese Witherspoon will star in and produce the rom-com “The Beard” at Chernin Entertainment says The Hollywood Reporter.

Story details were not revealed but the title refers to the expression used to describe a member of the opposite sex, usually women, who act as a date for a gay person trying to give off the illusion to the rest of the world that they’re straight.

It’s a term that has been used in Hollywood for decades as various actors stay in the closet to further their careers, so ‘beards’ are arranged for them – usually rising actresses who themselves are happy to help push the illusion of an actor’s heterosexuality in exchange for cash and/or publicity for themselves and their own careers.

Becca Greene penned the script while Peter Chernin will also produce. Witherspoon is currently shooting Atom Egoyan’s “Devil’s Knot”.