RED’s Hydrogen One Releasing Friday

Reds Hydrogen One Releasing Friday

AT&T, WarnerMedia and the makers of the famed RED digital cameras which are used heavily by the likes of David Fincher and Peter Jackson, have teamed up to create a super-high-end mobile phone – the Hydrogen One – which has just been officially announced for release this Friday.

Priced at an eye-watering $1,295 US dollars, the phone will launch Friday in AT&T stores and is being marketed as a “creative leap” beyond the top of the range phones on the market today – specifically Apple’s iPhone XS and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.

The phone includes a holographic ‘4 View’ screen which aims to deliver 3D experiences without glasses and 360-degree sound with or without headphones. The phone also boasts a rugged aluminium body with Kevlar panels and battery life said to be superior to the iPhone XS,

Movies available at launch which will make use of the glasses-free 3D include “Ready Player One” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. So far only one review is up as of the time of publication, an in-depth video review which can best sum up the phone thus: “a complete mess”.

Source: The Verge