Redford To Act In “Gold in the Snow”?

Robert Redford might be making a return to acting as leParisian (via The Playlist) reports that he is being lined up to star in adventurer and “The Last Trapper” filmmaker Nicolas Vanier’s next directorial effort “Gold In The Snow” (“L’or sous la neige”).

An English language adaptation of Vanier’s own 2004 novel, Redford would play an old trapper who helps a young American man who seeks his fortune in the gold rush along the Klondike river in Alaska in 1897. Three well-known actors are said to be in contention for the younger role.

If he signs on, and indications are apparently good, it would mark Redford’s first time in front of the camera since 2007’s “Lions For Lambs”. Shooting would take place over the course of a year to capture the Yukon territory as it passes through the various seasons.