Redford, Segel Team For “The Discovery”

Robert Redford and Jason Segel have signed on to star alongside Rooney Mara in Charlie McDowell’s “The Discovery” for Endgame Entertainment and Protagonist Pictures.

McDowell and Justin Lader penned the film which is set in a world two years after the existence of an afterlife has been scientifically proven. As a result, millions of people have taken their own lives in the belief that suicide is like pushing a reset button.

Redford will play the man responsible for the Discovery. Segel, who is replacing Nicholas Hoult who dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with Xavier Dolan’s new film, will play his son. Mara will plays a woman the son falls in love with whose life is tinged by a tragic past.

Alex Orlovsky and James D. Stern are producing. Filming begins in Rhode Island later this month.

Source: THR