Redford, Nolte, Linklater Enter “Woods”

Filmmaker Richard Linklater has come onboard an independently financed film adaptation of Bill Bryson’s popular 1998 lightly comedic travel memoir “A Walk in the Woods”.

Robert Redford is set to produce and star in the film which involves two boyhood friends who go their separate ways and come back later in life for an outdoor adventure – a walk along the Appalachian Trail.

Nick Nolte will co-star as the other friend and the pair make wry observations about life along their journey.

Redford has overseen a number of drafts of the screenplay, the most recent by Pulitzer-winning novelist Richard Russo. Shooting could begin as early as this Fall.

Directors Chris Columbus and Barry Levinson previously attempted to get a film adaptation of ‘Woods’ off the ground to no avail.

Source: The Los Angeles Times