Red Pimp Kevin Smith Hits On Braun

Kevin Smith has been talking it up this week and used podcasts to reveal two bits of information – one about his current project, the other about his next.

First up is “Red State”, the filmmaker’s horror/comedy meets religious fanaticism feature he shot earlier this year. Smith talked with /Film about his distribution plans for the movie – namely tarting it up and letting capitalism have its way with it:

“Here’s something that’s not so much news as my stated intentions for Red State: if it gets into Sundance, my plan is to pick the distributor right there – IN THE ROOM – auction style. Might even bring up a professional auctioneer to make it fun and unintelligible. And if you’re a multi-millionaire who can’t make it to the first screening of Red State, fear not: maybe we’ll set up an eBay page for the post-screening bid-calling as well.”

A day later via his own SModcast, Smith revealed that “Sky High” and “10 Things I Hate about You” TV Series actor Nicholas Braun has scored the lead role in his upcoming hockey comedy “Hit Somebody”.

Braun will play Buddy McCracken, a young up-and-coming hockey player who uses his fists as often as his stick. Braun replaces Seann William Scott who departed the project earlier this year in favour of another hockey comedy, “Goon”.