Red Dwarf Finally Returns

Ten years after their last aired episode, cult British sci-fi comedy “Red Dwarf” is finally making a return according to The BBC and Den of Geek.

UK digital channel Dave is planing a two-part, two hour Easter weekend special “Red Dwarf: Back to Earth ” which sees the cast finally reach home after being lost in Deep Space for over three million years. The shows co-creator Doug Naylor will pen and direct the episodes.

The four key cast members – Craig Charles as the slovenly last human Lister, Danny John-Jules as the vain half-feline Cat, Robert Llewelyn as meticulous mechanoid Kryten and Chris Barrie as the anal-retentive hologram Rimmer are all set to return.

However, neither version of the ship’s computer Holly (Hatty Hayridge or Norman Lovett) are coming back, nor is Chloe Annett who joined the regular cast as Dave’s former flame Kristine Kochanski in the final two seasons.

The first part will be a double episode of the series which will be set ten years after the last season and will likely ignore the unresolved cliffhanger in “Only the Good…”. The time jump will also take into account the age difference of the actors and the absence of the other cast members.

The second part will be a behind-the-scenes special from the new episodes along with a “no holds barred” episode without sets, special effects or autocue. Essentially a “Whose Line Is It Anyway” style improv session in which the actors try to recreate famous scenes from the series.

The Emmy-winning show ran for eight series on BBC Two between 1988 and 1999 and pulled in around eight million viewers. In the past two decades it has sold over seven million DVDs and videos. The show remains a highly popular cultural touchstone thanks to it being one of the very few properties that successfully merged science-fiction and comedy.

Various attempts have been made to make a “Red Dwarf” feature film over the past decade, with funding falling through at the last minute on several occasions sadly causing that dream to end.