“Red Dead Redemption” Sequel News Soon?

Considered one of the best video games of the past two decades, Rockstar’s 2009 western “Red Dead Redemption” blew past its 2004 originator “Red Dead Revolver” and became a critical and commercial sensation. Seven years on and after many requests for it, is Rockstar finally ready to confirm that “Red Dead Redemption 2” is on the way?

Earlier today, Rockstar’s Twitter and Facebook accounts changed their logo and released a background art picture very reminiscent of the artwork of “Red Dead Redemption”. This followed on from concept art of a new game in the series leaking online this past April which suggest it’s in the works.

Rockstar recently made “Red Dead Redemption” available as a download for Xbox One, and fans have been clamouring for a remaster of the original – might we get that as well? All eyes are on Rockstar now awaiting what they’ll do next.