“Red Dead Redemption” Hits PS4 & PC

Beloved western game “Red Dead Redemption” is finally coming to PC, but not in the way you might think. Rockstar Games have announced that the title, and its Halloween-themed zombie expansion pack ‘Undead Nightmare’, will be available to play on Sony’s full-game streaming service PlayStation Now.

Rockstar never ported Red Dead Redemption to PC, and so with the PS Now service available on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, this finally brings it there. Sadly as it’s a streaming service, it is essentially the PS3 version of the game and there’s no sign or plans for a downloadable version of the title for PC.

Xbox One gamers have been able to play the 360 version of the game since July thanks to the console’s backward compatibility program which also allows the game to be streamed to a Windows 10 device. Rockstar is currently at work on “Red Dead Redemption 2” which is set for release next Fall on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon