Red Dead Redemption Gets A Sequel?

In lists of the great games of last generation that have yet to be remastered, the frequent top title cited is that of “Red Dead Redemption”. “Grand Theft Auto” creators Rockstar Games’ console exclusive title can only be played these days with either a PS3 or a Xbox 360 – there is no PC version and no remastered version for the new consoles despite many begging for it.

While there’s still no word on bringing that classic title into the world of high-definition beyond an Xbox One backwards compatible version later in the year, Moviepilot & Fraghero (via CB) have posted news from an apparent leaked e-mail which suggests a sequel game entitled “Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West” is in the works for release in 2017.

The report claims the new ‘Red’ will sport a bigger world than even “Grand Theft Auto V,” and will borrow from the original “Red Dead Revolver” in which players took on the roles of multiple characters throughout the main campaign. It also indicates the project has been in development for the past four years with the big reveal to take place at E3 this year.

For now though this remains very much rumor – there’s no verification on the details in the e-mail, no comments from Rockstar either confirming or denying the report, and Forbes has done an interesting piece essentially calling the whole report into serious question.