Red Dawn Remake Begins Promo Push

We’ve already had one former MGM movie starring Chris Hemsworth that faced years of delays before finally hitting our screens this year (“Cabin in the Woods”), now it’s about time for the other.

Open Road Films has released two new photos from Dan Bradley’s upcoming remake of the 80’s cult classic “Red Dawn” via USA Today, the first promo material from the project in years.

Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and Josh Peck are in the photos preparing to take on the invading North Korean soldiers. Shot back in 2009, the film famously underwent post-production digital alterations to change the hostile forces from the Chinese to North Koreans.

Hutcherson explains the change: “Originally it was the Chinese, and then there was the thought that the Chinese own most of the companies making movies and that maybe it wasn’t the best idea in the world.”

One key scene from the original involving an ambush is reportedly recreated here – “There’s the spider-trap moment when we just appear out of the ground. Red Dawn fans are going to be blown out by it” says Peck.