Red-Band Trailer: “The Greasy Stranger”

One of Sundance’s most talked about films, but one that doesn’t have any awards chances, has to be Jim Hosking’s “The Greasy Strangler”. Utterly weird, gross and offensive on numerous levels – it’s a film for fans of freaky cinema and goes some darker places than other wacky films like “Swiss Army Man” with its homing device boner and farting corpse jetski, or “Wild” with its wolf-human woman oral sex and office desk bowel evacuation.

Today a new red-band trailer is out and shows just how twisted the film gets – this is utterly NSFW on numerous levels. The story, about a father and son vying for a woman’s affections and the inhuman slimy maniac monster of the title who may be one of them, gets a limited release and VOD premiere on October 7th.