Red Band Society Isn’t Looking Healthy

FOX’s quirky hospital-set dramedy “Red Band Society” will wrap production on its initial order of thirteen episodes next month, and the network has opted not to order more episodes for the show’s first season.

The ABC Studios/Amblin TV-produced series has aired nine episodes so far with the tenth to air next week. The network has now pulled the remaining three episodes and will schedule them at a later date.

Earlier this week NBC made a similar decision with three of its Fall shows – “A to Z,” “Bad Judge” and “Constantine” with all three wrapping production after thirteen episodes. The first two shows the network has cancelled, but the renewal option for “Constantine” is still open and chances are reportedly good.

“Red Band Society” is somewhere in the middle – the network has stopped short of saying it’s over with a renewal still possible, but chances very slim. Despite being well liked, the series started out soft in the ratings and has not improved.

Source: Deadline