Record Holiday Sales For PS4 & XB1

In Europe, people are literally going nuts for the PlayStation 4. Videos have gone online of opening day store crowds in Germany and France running to nab in-store units.

Over 250,000 PS4 consoles were sold in the UK alone during its first 48 hours on sale, making it the fastest selling home console in the UK ever. That’s already larger than the total lifetime install base of the Wii U, and well above the impressive 170,000 Xbox One units sold in the UK during its first entire week.

Microsoft got its own back though in the U.S. where Infoscout reports that Xbox dominated Black Friday retail sales at Walmart and Target. The XB1 scored a 31% share of console sales, the XB360 took 30%, while the PS3 & PS4 scored 15% each. The success of the 360 is due to Walmart’s deep discounting of the Xbox 360 to just $99 for Black Friday.

The limited availability of the PS4 in North America is also said to be a factor, but the likes of TIME Magazine have called the site’s measurements into question. Whatever the case, it sounds like both consoles are selling so well that can’t keep up with demand.

Source: Cinema Blend