Recent “Transformers” Sequel Updates

Michael Bay has confirmed to MTV News that Transformers: Revenge of the the Fallen will clock in at 147 minutes, around four minutes longer than the first film.

The ShoWest footage which premiered online on Friday at Vimeo has been pulled by Paramount. Not surprisingly it keeps disappearing and re-appearing up on Youtube so keep trying that if you haven’t seen it yet. Screencaps of the various robots seen in the clips can be found at TFLive. The next trailer is set to premiere with “Wolverine” next week.

Michael Bay added to MTV News that he would like to take a year off before making “Transformers 3” and might do a small movie in-between. Slashfilm has posted a report claiming that small movie is an adaptation of the Miami News article “Pain & Gain” about a couple of Florida steroid-abusing knucklehead bodybuilders who become criminals involved in an extortion ring and a kidnapping plot gone awry.