Recent Superhero Film Rumours

Director Zac Snyder tells Empire Magazine his approach to the film will be respectful to the canon but will break from it and give a new approach not seen on-screen before. Essentially it sounds like the film will NOT be done in a Richard Donner-inspired mold like “Superman Returns” was.

Snyder also dismissed talk of General Zod as the villain, saying “Just wrong! The internet has no idea what’s going on.”

Speaking of nonsense internet, many bullshit casting rumors have begun flying thick and fast. “True Blood” werewolf hunk Joe Manganiello tweeted over the weekend that “as of today, I am not “negotiating” to play Superman …but keep your fingers crossed” in response to rumours of him being in talks.

Another silly casting rumor? John Cena and Dwayne Johnson for the role says The Examiner.

Spider-Man 3D
Sorry Mary Jane Watson, you’re a scrubber who has no business here. The Wrap reports that the character of Mary Jane, who Kirsten Dunst played in the previous films, will NOT be appearing at all in the upcoming franchise reboot.

James Vanderbilt’s screenplay apparently never featured the character, and while there was talk of having two competing love interests, the studio has decided to stick with just Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone). Shooting on the film begins next month.

X-Men: First Class
Not long after Bryan Singer shot down talk of Hugh Jackman making a cameo, a tweet from “Wanted” author Mark Millar started up a round of rumours that the character of Cyclops would appear in this upcoming prequel, however it ended up being confusion over Lucas Till’s character Havok.

The Dark Knight Rises
With Tom Hardy’s role in the film unannounced, speculation has risen fast over who he will play with the gruff, Batman-hating Detective Harvey Bullock gaining traction on a lot of fansites. None of it however has been effectively sourced or commented on officially by anyone.

War Machine
Pajiba reports that a pitch is out to writers to pen a script for a “War Machine” film, a spin-off of the character from the “Iron Man” films.