Reboots Planned Of Two Van Damme Films

It’s a double impact of Jean Claude Van Damme film remake news today, though sadly it doesn’t include 1991’s “Double Impact” itself.

Rather, a pair of the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ late 1980s martial arts features are undergoing the remake/reboot treatment – 1988’s “Bloodsport” and 1989’s “Kickboxer”.

“V for Vendetta” helmer James McTeigue is set to direct the “Bloodsport” remake over at Relativity.

Robert Kamen penned the script from a story by Kamen and Phillip Noyce. Craig Rosenberg will work on a McTeigue-sanctioned rewrite.

In the original, Van Damme played an American Army officer whose skill with ninjutsu comes in handy when he engages in a Hong Kong underground fighting tournament.

The new version’s protagonists are “morally-conflicted 21st century mercenaries”, while the fighting style is that of Brazilian Vale Tudo.

Meanwhile, Radar Pictures is producing a reboot of the “Kickboxer” franchise with Hong Kong director Stephen Fung (“Tai Chi Zero”) set to direct the project.

Jim McGrath and Dimitri Logothetis will pen the script and shooting aims to begin later this year or early 2014.

The original starred Van Damme as a westerner who trains in Muay Thai to avenge his brother’s crippling during a Thai kickboxing tournament.

No word as yet how much the plot of this version will differ from the original.