Rebooted “Godzilla” Fights A Giant Spider?

Gareth Edwards’ upcoming “Godzilla” reboot sees the giant beast not just destroying cities, but also fighting several other massive creatures – just like it did in the classic Toho Studios films.

A leaked toy description over at Urban Collector suggests that one of those creatures will be a gigantic eight-legged spider named MUTO.

The creature is thought to be a homage to Kumonga from 1967’s “Son of Godzilla”. in that film, he was a very large spider on a tropical island who was exposed to a radioactive storm – turning him into a 45-meter tall monster.

Attendees to the Comic Con 2013 panel for the film saw footage which included a Kaiju creature with giant insectile arms. Could this be the same beast?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen star in the film which hits cinemas next Summer.