Rebecca Mader Goes On “Ceremony”

Rebecca Mader (TV’s “Lost”) has joined the cast of coming-of-age romantic comedy “Ceremony” for NALA Films, and the Antonio Banderas noir mystery “The Big Bang” says The Hollywood Reporter.

“Ceremony” follows a young man (Michael Angarano) and his best friend who crash the wedding of a thirysomething woman (Uma Thurman) with whom the young man is infatuated.

Mader plays a married member of Thurman’s wedding party who makes overtures toward Angarano. Max Winkler is directing from his own script and filming is underway in New York City.

‘Bang’ stars Banderas as a private detective searching for a former stripper who is supposed to exist but no one has ever seen in a mystery connected to a particle collider.

Mader plays a meth addict who works at a medical center pretending to have different diseases for interns to react to.

Erik Jendresen wrote the script, and Tony Krantz is directing. Filming will take place in Spokane, Washington.