Reaper, “Knight,” “Snuff,” Talk Shot Down

Several recent stories, two of which are based on quotes from filmmakers, have been shot down it seems.

Yesterday “I Am Number Four” director DJ Caruso told The Playlist about his planned adaptation of the novel “Beat the Reaper” with Fox and Appian Way and hoped Leonardo DiCaprio would appear in the film. /Film now reports that “there is no directorial or development deal in place… for now that one isn’t happening. It could… but not yet.”

Talk emerged yesterday at Comic Book Movie that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role in the upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises” was that of Alberto Falcone, aka Holiday. Turns out that site jumped the gun, taking a speculative tweet from an IGN writer out of context, CBM has since pulled the article (thanks to Batman on Film for help on that one).

Finally comes “Snuff”, the adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel. Director Fabien Martorell told the author’s official site that Thora Birch, Tom Sizemore and Daryl Hannah were attached to the film about a fading porn star staging a record-breaking one-day gang bang.

Reporters for Variety and Deadline have both chimed in with official denials from reps by Birch and Hannah. Hannah’s reps go on to say not only hadn’t they heard of the project, but as the actress is an anti-sex trafficking advocate she is ’embarrassed’ by the association.