“Ready Player One” Tracking For $35M Opening

Three weeks ahead of release and Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi action adventure “Ready Player One” is reportedly tracking for a soft $35+ million debut at the North American box office over the three-day Easter weekend.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Spielberg are reportedly hoping for at least $50 million and have three weeks left to make a final marketing push. A screening at SXSW is rumored to try and help on that front.

Village Roadshow and Amblin Entertainment co-produced the 1980s-themed movie based on Ernest Cline’s cult novel about a teen on a treasure hunt in a virtual world for the keys that will grant him ownership of it.

The movie has come under fire for its marketing in recent days for a not well-received series of 1980s posters made to incorporate characters of the film.

Source: Heat Vision