Ray Liotta Hired For “Cogan’s Trade”

Ray Liotta has signed onto the mob drama “Cogan’s Trade” at Inferno says Risky Biz Blog.

“The Assassination of Jesse James” star Brad Pitt and writer/director Andrew Dominik are re-teaming for this adaptation of the George V. Higgins’ novel in which Brad Pitt plays a professional enforcer investigating a heist which takes place during a mob-run high stakes poker game.

Liotta’s character would be that of Mark “Markie” Trattman, the man responsible for setting up and running the poker game in the first place. James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Bella Heathcote, Vincent Curatola and Sam Rockwell also star.

Pitt, Dede Gardner, Steve Schwartz and Paula Mae Schwartz will produce.