Ray Helms “Secret In Their Eyes” Remake

“Breach” and “Shattered Glass” writer/director Billy Ray is set to serve in those capacities on a remake of 2009 Argentinian thriller “The Secret in Their Eyes” says The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Secret’, which won the foreign language Oscar in March, follows a retired criminal investigator in 2000 Buenos Aires who is writing a novel to try and deal with an unresolved rape and murder from 1974 that still haunts him.

In the process, he re-encounters a female judge with whom he has a long, equally unresolved, history. Warner Bros. Pictures is in negotiations to acquire the remake rights with the new version to be set in the present day United States.

Juan Jose Campanella directed and adapted the original from a novel by Eduardo Sacheri. Mark Johnson (“Donnie Brasco”) is producing the remake.