Ratings: Pacific, SGU, Bad, Spartacus & More

As some key network shows like “Heroes,” “Mercy,” “V,” “Chuck,” “Human Target,” “Numbers” and “Cold Case” sit wondering whether they’ll return next season, on the cable networks some recent premieres and returning favourites haven’t seen very good fortune in recent weeks according to The Live Feed.

Breaking Bad
Critics may unabashedly adore it, but the meth peddling drama/black comedy has fallen from a strong 2 million viewer season premiere to 1.3 million viewers by the third episode.

The third season of the legal drama with Glenn Close looks to be the last. Though this week’s 745,000 viewers improved on last week’s abysmal 654,000. However the cost of the series is looking to be a more pressing factor for its potential cancellation.

The Timothy Olyphant-led FX series debuted to a strong 4.2 million viewers, but by episode three has dropped off to nearly half of that with around 2.3 million viewers.

Legend of the Seeker
The only first-run scripted show in syndication has maintained a heathy viewership of between 2.1-2.7 million viewers an episode throughout its second season.

Nurse Jackie
The second season premiere of 1.1 million viewers dropped to 525,000 viewers by its third episode, though the series is the most-watched one on Showtime’s On Demand platform (those figures haven’t come in yet). The show has already been renewed for a third season.

The Pacific
Considering its $250 million price tag, HBO’s high-profile mini-series isn’t getting the numbers it hoped. The opening episode screened to 3.1 million viewers, though that number effectively tripled to 9.1 million viewers overall factoring in repeats, PVR and On Demand viewing. Episodes #2 & 3 fell to 2.8 million viewers live, Episode #4 around 2.5 million.

The cop series that TNT saved from NBC is pulling in 2.2 million viewers on average, below the average for a scripted drama on the network. At present its fate is undetermined.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Unlike many mid-season cable shows which have seen drop-offs, Starz’s gladiatorial epic with its flashy violence and nudity has bucked the trend. Premiering to a modest 659,000 viewers, it has grown over the past few weeks and a recent episode scored 1.3 million viewers – effectively doubling its audience.

Stargate Universe
The return of the second half of the show’s first season sadly hasn’t held off the drop in audience witnessed late last year. Premiering with 2.3 million viewers, the series dropped to 1.3 million for its Fall season finale.

This week’s premiere jumped only slightly to 1.49 million viewers – not much more than Syfy’s troubled “Caprica” with around 1.2 million viewers per episode and whose fate is uncertain for now. SGU meanwhile has already been renewed for a full 20-episode second season.