Ra’s al Ghul Is Coming To “Legends of Tomorrow”

Matt Nable has been confirmed to be reprising his role of iconic immortal DC Comics villain Ra’s al Ghul in upcoming The CW series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” reports ComicBook.com.

Nable’s Ra’s al Ghul served as the main antagonist for the third season of The CW’s “Arrow” from which ‘Legends’ has been spun-off. Though meeting his maker in the season finale of that show, Nable will appear in the ninth episode of the new show’s sixteen episode first run.

How he will do so isn’t clear, but with the show indulging in time-travel as a key plot point it’s likely Nable is returning to play the League of Shadows head at an earlier stage in his multiple centuries long life. He’s not the only “Arrow” villain putting in an appearance on the new show though as current season villain Damien Darkh (played by Neal McDonough) is already set for a role.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” debuts on January 21st.