Ra’s Al Ghul Coming To “Arrow,” DC Show Promos

Saturday night was Warners and DC Comics’ big night of TV series debuts at Comic Con with a special screening of the full pilots of “The Flash” and “Gotham” along with footage from the new season of “Arrow” and the new series “Constantine”. Cast and producers from all four shows appeared on stage together, 33 panelists in total, making it the largest in Comic-Con’s multi-decade history.

“Arrow” showcased the 2.5 minute trailer I posted the other day… but with a little extra at the end. The last 45-seconds is a single scene confirming iconic Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul will appear this season, the clip showcasing the costume (but not the face) of ‘The Head of the Demon’ who will serve as the year’s primary antagonist.

The version of Ra’s Al Ghul in “Arrow” is expected to be more like the comics than the Chris Nolan film version. Casting is underway with the character to appear early in the third season, as to when though it hasn’t been specified. The first scene will be one between him and his daughter Nyssa who will “absolutely play into the season and we have a really cool arc planned” according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

As with the previous clip, big spoilers from the second and third season are on display so if you’ve not caught up, skip to the 2:30 mark for the standalone Ra’s scene. During the presentation there was also confirmation that Ted Grant, aka Wildcat, would be seen this season.

In regards to “Constantine,” it’s confirmed that Papa Midnite and Jim Corrigan (aka the Spectre) will show up in the first season, while Dr. Fate could come into things later down the line.

The producers have also talked about the smoking issue saying they can’t show him inhaling due to broadcast standards. They can have him putting cigarettes out, lighting up and talking about it which he will.

Funnily enough network standards aren’t much of a problem with the violence or gore, the producers saying NBC early on asked them to make scenes darker and to push the envelope of what TV can show (ala “Hannibal”).

Details about “Gotham” were being kept close to the chest, but the producers were asked about potential crossovers with the other shows on the panel. Showrunner Bruno Heller said: “never say never,” but the issue is Gotham’s time period is being made deliberately obscure – making it difficult for any such a cross over.

They also have released a new ‘Movie Trailer’ for the show online, it’s the first preview that finally uses footage from episodes beyond the pilot.