Ramis’ Daughter On Bizarre “Ghostbusters” Talk

Perhaps the single strangest comment to come out of this year’s San Diego Comic Con was one from filmmaker Ivan Reitman who suggests there may be another live-action “Ghostbusters” film on the way.

Reitman was discussing possible projects in a panel for the beloved franchise saying: “[there are] wonderful plans for an animated feature that we’re deep in design on already and a really great story. … And of course a new live-action film. I am not giving any more secrets.”

Reitman was then asked if there was any consideration given to digitally resurrecting the late Harold Ramis for the role of Egon to which he responded: “It’s possible. … It’s something we’re thinking of.”

On Monday, Ramis’ daughter Violet Ramis Stiel told Heat Vision she was aware of the comments, responding:

“It’s bizarre. Personally, for me, it is hard to imagine that people would accept it, but who knows. The technology now is amazing. I try to think what would he have thought. If it’s great and it works, then good. And if there is a problem, then obviously no.”

Despite Reitman’s comments endorsing the possibility over the years, chances of a reboot with the original cast have often been slim at best. The disappointing performance of last year’s Kristen Wiig & Melissa McCarthy-led reboot has probably not helped matters.

For now, the “Ghostbusters” franchise seems to be on hold.