Ramirez Talks Soderbergh’s Argentine

He may not be a household name in the US yet, but chances are you’ve seen Edgar Ramirez’s work before in either Tony Scott’s “Domino” or more likely as the assassin Paz who hunts down Jason Bourne through the London Underground and across New York traffic in last year’s “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

Now, the actor stars in the upcoming thriller “Vantage Point” and Steven Soderbergh’s “The Argentine”, the first of two pics about revolutionary Che Guevera. Out promoting the former, he spoke about the later with Collider and revealed some new details.

Shooting on “The Argentine” took place in very humid Puerto Rico where the actors “were improvising a lot.” He calls it a “very contemplative movie” and confirms the action was shot chronologically. The film details the earlier stages of the revolution and moves from Mexico to Cuba, whilst the second is set afterwards and takes place significantly in Bolivia.

Ramriez plays Ciro Redondo, one of Che’s lieutenants and was “very much involved in the vocational aspect of the revolution because it was about freedom of education. It was about fighting and learning so my character was very focused on that.”

Redondo died before the revolution was fulfilled – about a year before the decisive final battle that let the revolution win. Some researchers claim the hat that Che Guevara is famous for belongs to Ciro Redondo that he picked it up at the battle where he was shot in the head.

He also stars in and co-produced the Venezuelan movie “Cyrano Fernandez” based on the romance of Cyrano de Bergerac. Set in a Venezuelan slum, the character has swapped his big nose for a facial scar.

Finally, Ramirez confirmed that Antoine Fuqua’s “Escobar”, the biopic of famed narcotics king Pablo Escobar he’s attached to is in the works and its chances are “over 50%” of being made.

Of the role he says “We’re talking about a character who really definitely changed the face of a whole country and the face of a whole region, and a character filled with contradictions. A character who for half of his nation he represented hope and emancipation for the other half represented horror, terror and desperation, so it would be quite a challenge and something very interesting to get involved with.”