Ramirez, Harris Join Marcelle Marceau Biopic

Ramirez Harris Join Marcelle Marceau Biopic

Edgar Ramirez, Ed Harris and “In Bruges” actress Clemence Poesy have all joined the WW2-set feature “Resistance” which stars Jesse Eisenberg as famed French mime artist Marcel Marceau.

The film will chart how Marceau worked with the French Resistance and the Girl and Boy Scouts who created a network to save thousands of children left orphaned by the Nazis. Marceau was an orthodox Jew whose father was killed in Auschwitz, is said to have learned to mime partly in order to help the children escape.

Eisenberg, whose mother was a professional clown, has been working on his mime technique for a year. He and writer-director Jonathan Jakubowicz (“Hands Of Stone”) also lost family members in the Holocaust. Filming began a few weeks ago in Prague with Warner Bros. Pictures to release the film in Germany next year.

Harris will portray General George S. Patton, Ramirez will play a man named Sigmund, and Poesy will play a key member of the Resistance. Also onboard are Geza Rohrig, Bella Ramsey, Karl Markovics, Felix Moati, and Matthias Schweighofer.

Source: Deadline